The value of Art has increased tremendously in the recent times, especially the designer arts that come in the form of glass ware. Caithness is one such glass factory that produces art glass in the form of designer glass paper weights. This article is a review and rating of the quality of Caithness glass.

About Caithness glass company

Caithness is a UK based glass factory started in 1961. It has grown to become world famous for its high quality handmade designer paper weights and art glass, that cater artistic needs of both museum showcasing and personal collections. They have highly skilled designers who provide excellent customised services regularly and on demand.


Caithness glass paperweights are developed by hand-crafting quality glass. They come in different sizes and shapes, maintaining good quality standards. They are very good substitutes to the conventional crystal paperweights. Most of their designs reflect the vibrant natural colours of Scotland, the mountains, the skies and the flowers. These glass paper weights have been so popular collectibles that there also exists a Caithness Glass Paperweights Collectors Society, actively running since many years. The paper weights come in different colors, themes and designs that can add beauty and art to your work place, home or can also serve as good collectibles or gifts to impress someone.

Caithness glass is a high quality glass, mostly transparent and sometimes translucent, inside which innovative design ideas like a portion of the flower, or water droplets are embedded carefully to create wonderful illusion and add richness to the piece of art. The Caithness art glass is popular for its unique and rich palette of varied colors and stylish showcasing of embedded art. Caithness glass vase is a simple example of high quality art glass, which is popularly used for decorative purposes. These paperweights glass are unique pieces of art, featuring innovative sculptures that stand strong for years together and serve as antique art pieces.

The caithness glass factory showcases all kinds of paperweights and decorative glass pieces on their official website, in limited and unlimited editions. They design beautiful traditional and contemporary glass art pieces for special occasions like wedding, gifting, museum galleries and personal collections. The company releases unique new designs regularly. You also have an option to get your customised glass arts designed at reasonable costs.

However, the commonly used glassware like simple paperweights are reasonably affordable, but if you need customized art designs with your logo or any personal information, it might cost you some good bucks.


Being a trademark in designer glass manufacturing, and a glass factory that produces colorful and vibrant glass paper weights, caithness is definitely a trustworthy brand. You will enjoy shopping many varieties of art glass gifting and collectibles.